Annual Immersion Events

The Life-Force Formula Immersion

June 7th-11th, 2017 | Nevada City, Ca 

Our premier annual live immersion event. The Life-Force Formula Immersion was designed to put the wind of momentum at your back. It was formulated to give you an experience so powerful that by the end of the retreat, continuing the practices you will have learned will be natural and easy when you get home. Consistency is what creates long lasting impact. Most people need an immersion significant enough in substance and time to make the new enhancements stick. This event will do just that. The Life-Force Formula Immersion is an experience like no other. THIS EVENT WILL SELL OUT. Get the full details here...

Regular Price: $1,245.00 | Course Student Price: Only $695

The Radiant Body Immersion

TBA| Nevada City, Ca 

When your life-force is enlivened, when the tissue layers of the body are purified and strengthened, and the inner reservoirs of your vitality are tapped, your presence will naturally emanate the most subtle and desired quality of the solar energy: The Radiant Body.

These practices are not reserved for the mystically inclined. They are techniques and teachings that are accessible for all of humanity. They do not belong to any religion or race. They are the very precious practices designed to enliven the elements of the inner organism so that the brightness of who you are may easily and organically shine forth.

The Radiant Body Immersion is an experience like no other. DETAILS COMING SOON!