Divine Magnetism

The Epic New 40 Day Challenge

Begins Saturday, July 8th, 2017

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40 Day Challenge Begins In:

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Want to supercharge your life this summer?

On the full moon of July 8th, we begin a special 40 Day meditation journey. It’s called the ‘Divine Magnetism’ challenge.

While hard work in life is important, it is when one cultivates their magnetic energy that they are able to make great impact with their life.

“Divine magnetism is the power of all powers…We must use our time to develop spiritual magnetism in order to attract the Imperishable. Develop the power to attract the highest, and then we can easily attract all lesser things.” -Paramhansa Yogananda

Elements of the Divine Magnetism Challenge

  • Divine Magnetism Meditation
  • Brand New 'Divine Magnetism' Yoga Class Series
  • Weekly Live Broadcast Classes with Jai Dev
  • The Thunderbolt Mantra
  • The Life-Force Academy Tribe Forum
  • Access to the entire Life-Force Academy!

40 Day Challenge Begins Saturday, July 8th

Inside The Life-Force Academy

The Power Practices

Use on a daily basis so that you maintain a solid, consistent and effective yoga/meditation practice. The 'Power Practices' are designed so that you can get the practice done, and done well. Choose your practice based on the amount of time you have to spend, and/or the benefit you're working to experience. Try the 45 Minute Essential Tune Up, the 14 Minute Morning Wake Up Series, To Stimulate The Immune System, or To Transform Inner Anger. There are new Power Practices being added all the time.

Complete Yoga Classes

The secret to keeping your practice fresh, inspired and full of life, is to consistently immerse your mind in the teachings. This is a very important element of the Life-Force Academy. The complete yoga classes give you a more elaborate scope of the practice. When you understand the science of the practice, how the practice works, and why it's vitally important, you gain the inspiration, motivation, and sense of navigation to continue with great energy. Each yoga class includes a powerful yoga set, meditation and deep gong relaxation.


The Life-Force Academy features extended meditations that you can use for a supercharge. Some poeople choose to use specific meditations as part of their practice each day, while others will use them once a week, or whenever their heart desires. These incredible Kundalini Yoga meditations each have a specific purpose. Perhaps you want to activate your prosperity, strengthen your intuition, open the heart center, or brighten your magnetic field. New meditations will be added regularly.

The 40 Day Challenges

The 40 Day Challenge may be the single most potent feature of the site in terms of making a sweeping life-changing leap of your life’s dominant energy. We strongly encourage you to participate in each of the 40 Day Challenges. The 40 Day Challenge is very flexible and you can participate regardless of your schedule or where you live in the world.

The Prosperous Human Series

As a member of the Academy, you'll get exclusive access to Jai Dev's powerful class series on the prosperity practices of Kundalini Yoga. The pressure and stress of money is profound. If there’s no circulation of monetary energy, it will act as more of a poison than an asset. Hence, so many people with great amounts of monetary wealth are also psychologically miserable. In order to be in a prosperous state, the prana has to circulate and devotion must emerge.

The 3rd Eye Activation Series

"Where the root of the nose meets the skull bone, there lies man's gate to God." -Yogi Bhajan

Life-Force Academy members get exclusive access to Jai Dev's powerful 3rd Eye Activation class series. It includes five full Kundalini Yoga classes that beautifully unpack teachings on intuition, the pituitary gland and the profound importance of the 3rd eye in human life. You'll practice potent yogic exercises and meditations to energize the body and activate the intuitive eye.

The Science of Happiness Series

When you activate your pranic (life-force) power, you gain mental power. When you acquire mental power, you gain the power to choose. When your mind has the power to choose, you'll naturally move in the direction of happiness. The Science of Happiness Yoga Series is a powerful experience of six complete yoga classes that will change your life.

Heart Chakra Activation Series

"What we’re doing as yogis, and what we’re’ doing here in this class, and for the next 4 classes, is using these special kriyas and yoga practices to create the condition that will give us more access to that Love Supreme. It will give us the essential energy condition that will allow us to be centered from our heart.” -Jai Dev Singh (from Heart Chakra Activation Class Pt. 1)

As a member of the Academy, you'll get exclusive access to Jai Dev's powerful Heart Chakra Activation class series. It includes five full Kundalini Yoga classes!

The Deathlessness Class Series

“Mindfulness of death is a nectar-like medicine that restores you to health and a sentinel that watches over the discipline of your practice, never letting it stray into distractions.” 
-Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

This five-part full yoga class series is thoroughly transforming. The fear that feeds all fear is the fear of death. If you can cut out the roots of that primal fear, you will taste the sweetness of liberation.  Join the Academy and experience the Deathlessness Series!

Disciplines & Devotions Series

“You all have in you the power to be happy, you all have in you the potential to be happy, you all have in you the strength and the knowledge to be happy, simply you need discipline.” -Yogi Bhajan

The yogic science of liberation is an ancient system that was originally transmitted by the great enlightened sage of India, Patanjali. In this full yoga class series, Jai Dev unpacks Patanjali's system of 'disciplines' and 'devotions' that guide the yogi to spiritual awakening.

Prosperity & Purpose Series

Everyone comes to earth with a purpose. In order to experience the real-deal prosperity in life, it must be intimately connected with your life's mission. Many people chase prosperity, few ever taste its sweet nectar. Prosperity is about so much more than money. Prosperity is the result of the awakened human being. In this powerful yoga class series, you will activate true prosperity and begin to reveal your life's purpose.

Academy Member Forum

As a member of the Academy, you'll be able to participate in the member forum. Ask questions, share insights, and interact with Jai Dev and other members of the Academy. This is an active and valuable element of the Academy experience. It is a global mandala of yogis supporting each other, uplifting each other and learning from each other.

jaidev-2-web1Enter The Life-Force Academy

It’s not what we do every once in a while that makes a major difference. It is what we do day in and day out that digs deep into our psyche and produces profound impact in our life. 

To have happiness, one must hold the caliber of happiness. To have fulfillment, one must generate the caliber of fulfillment. To have prosperity, one must achieve the caliber of prosperity.

When the practice becomes consistent, comprehensive, and sophisticated, your caliber begins to carry you and the endless struggle is discontinued.

This is what the Life-Force Academy is all about.

It is designed to to support your consistent practice. It will help you design a sadhana that is perfect for you. It is designed to give you a sophisticated approach to your practice. You will tap into a community that will suport you, strengthen you and inspire you. It is designed to give you the tools for a blissful lifestyle.

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